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What Costa Rica’s Tax Reform Means for You

In December 2018, Costa Rica passed a tax reform bill geared toward alleviating the country’s growing fiscal deficit. The bill extends the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate, or IVA in Spanish, that is...

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Which Alternative Valuation Products are Right for You?

Traditional appraisals are extensive and typically involve an experienced appraiser. What if that method isn’t the right fit for the property you need appraised? Sending an appraiser out to assess...

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May is National Moving Month

As the start of the season where moving and the housing market really starts to pick up, it’s fitting that May is also known as National Moving Month. Kids are out of school, the temperature has...

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Moving Out? We Made Your Checklist.

Neatly labeled boxes, packed with care, staged and ready to go. A new neighborhood, a fresh start, and new ideas. Moving in to an apartment is exciting and full of opportunity.

Moving out,...

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The Unique Relocation Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has been a ubiquitous topic recently due to changing policies in the United States and around the world. Wherever there are humans, there is a need for healthcare. The demand for...

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Destination Profile: Finland

With beautifully mild summers, magical forests, perfectly roasted coffee, a society that values equality, and a rich history, it is no surprise that the people in Finland consistently rank their...

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Travel Trends Today: "Bleisure"

No matter how much you may love your job, you have probably caught yourself daydreaming of your next vacation at your desk. Or, perhaps you've dreaded a long flight for a business trip because...

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4 Benefits of Working in the Relocation Industry

It is a common comment in the relocation industry that many people do not realize how important the industry is until they learn about it. Often, people come to us in times of great change in...

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How the Holy Week and Easter are Celebrated in Mexico

In the country of Mexico, the majority of people are Catholics, a denomination of Christianity. The Holy Week in this faith begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. The days in between...

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Today's Working World: Collaborating with Different Generations

The age of employees has continually expanded in the workplace. This is due to employees entering the workforce early (since multiple long-term internships are often a requirement for college...

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