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Relocating to a Small City? Big Opportunities Ahead!

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If you had to do a bit of research after first hearing the name of your new hometown, you aren't alone. Every year, plenty of people move to cities that are barely on the state map. Just because you aren't heading to NYC or Seattle doesn't mean you will have a boring relocation assignment. Here, we address some of the thoughts that might be on your mind from an expert's point of view. 

"There is nothing fun to do in this small town." 

While "fun" in big cities may consist of endless lists of activities at any time of the day with big groups of friends, you can certainly expand your definition of fun in a small town. A good place to start for evening and weekend recommendations is, of course, by asking your coworkers.  

Next, see if there is a welcome center for visitors to the city. You can browse top attractions in your new town and the surrounding area.

Many smaller, rural cities are situated among beautiful natural parks. After spending the week in an office, you might enjoy stretching your legs while taking in the local foliage.

If you are able to work with a Destination Services Consultant during your move, that is absolutely the best way to get the best recommendations of entertaining things to do in the area.


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"I won't make friends because there is hardly anyone my age." 

Making friends in a small town might take a bit more effort than in a large city, but you will find friendly people no matter where you move. 

A good place to start is by doing things you enjoy. Sign up for yoga or spinning classes, get a gym membership, join the board for local organizations, volunteer, or attend local events. You may start to see the same familiar faces and you already know that you share common interests.

Moving to a small town is also a great time to take up that hobby you've always told yourself you would explore one day. Want to learn how to play an instrument? Interested in painting? What about taking a few mixology classes? Could you study a new language? There are talented people in cities everywhere who are happy to share their skills. Plus, the cost of lessons or classes is much lower in small cities than it would be in metropolitan areas.


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"i'll be living in the middle of nowhere so no one will be interested in coming to visit me." 

The airport might be a bit farther away and the local attractions might not be globally notable, but your friends and family can still have a great time visiting you! Prior to a visit, view yourself as a local tour guide. What is it about your new hometown that sets it apart from other towns? Is there a favorite diner, a tribute statue to a famous resident, or a public art display?

Craft a "small town experience" tour for your visitors. Take them past everything from City Hall to the local school. Stop in at the local library or small shops. Pick up some fun treats and head to a park for a picnic. The speed of life in small towns is different than what many are used to, and that is something you can share with any guest. 

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Do you have a relocation in your future? Dwellworks covers small towns and big cities across the US. Need help with a self-managed or self-paid move? Visit us at direct.dwellworks.com to get advice from our local experts.

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