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First London Property Developer Accepts Deposits and Rents in Bitcoins

A London developer is thought to be the first landlord in England to accept deposits and rental payments in Bitcoin, a virtual currency.

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Three Keys Every Appraiser Should Know

From the Valuation Review article Know what's expected of you (Part Two)

The successful management of an appraiser’s caseload must have significance in the overall scheme of things. Dwellworks...

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A Refreshing Appraisal Approach: the Power of Proactivity

From the Valuation Review article Reviewer offers insight to avoid aggravation (Part One)

Too often, appraisers get very tense and self-conscious when it comes to reviews. A general understanding...

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Dwellworks Adds to Mortgage Appraisal Team

We are pleased to announce the onboarding of Norm Koenig as Director of Business Development for the Mortgage Appraisal Services team. Working alongside Tim Evanko, Dwellworks’ Vice President of...

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Government Begins Consultations of Lettings Fee Ban

The Government has finally published its consultation paper on the banning of tenant lettings fees in England.

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Dwellworks' Andrew Scott Named President of EuRA

Andrew Scott, Vice President of Global Account Management at Dwellworks, has been named President of EuRA from June 2017 through June 2019. As President, it is his responsibility to help guide and...

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New Opportunities Arise as US Withdraws from TPP

2016 wasn’t an easy year, politically speaking. Between Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and China’s economic slowdown, a feeling of uncertainty has blanketed international trade and investment...

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Atlanta Highway Fire Expected to Cause Service Delays

A large fire under an Interstate 85 overpass in Atlanta caused a portion of the highway to collapse yesterday, rendering the route impassable. City officials are redirecting traffic to alternate...

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Right to Rent: UK Rollout

A year after the ‘Right to Rent’ scheme was implemented in England, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has published its report ‘Passport Please’.

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Germany Rental Market Overview - Winter 2017

The housing and rental market in Germany is becoming increasingly more competitive, as properties are being rented rapidly and supply is in decline. This directly correlates to the increase in...

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